To purchase A.I.TAGS, please contact:

Dave Stampe
Ceo, Inventor, Founder

Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA
World Distribution & Trade Show Assistance
SKYPE: 612-326-6519
WHATSAPP: 612-210-4090

Avais Sherwani

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Europe & MENA
MOBILE: +44.7481847339
WHATSAPP: +44.7405133868
SKYPE: 612.326.6519

Nelson ThurdeKoos

Quito, Ecuador
Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
Nelson serves: Latin America and Caribbean
SKYPE: 612-326-6519
WHATSAPP: +593 99 993 0472

Genex Canada

PHONE: +1-888-354-4622
WEBSITE: www.genexcanada.ca

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