The GOLD STANDARD for Managing Herd’s Reproductive Success

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David A. Stampe, CEO / Founder / Inventor, Discoveries 180, Inc. and owner of A.I.TAGS is credited by the USPTO for inventing “Scratch Off” heat detection nearly two decades ago in 2001.

This newspaper dated December 2002 shows Stampe was already working on improvements to the product. Stampe’s original “Scratch Off” heat detector was branded Estrus Alert. Today more than 50 million “Scratch Off” type heat detectors have been sold worldwide.

During the 2003 World Dairy Expo trade show Stampe’s group handed out media kits that included a short audio cd that described additional benefits of the Estrus Alert product. The benefits were described as Herd Color Management. The audio described how once heat was detected in the first service tag, a 2nd tag should be applied and if the animal did not return to heat it would indicate that the animal may be pregnant. The audio also identified that other colors could be used to “batch” groups of cows to help the herdsman with synchronization efforts.


Stampe introduces “Rub Off” heat detection to the market for the first time!

After nearly a decade of R&D and countless trials around the world, Stampe introduces his new “Rub Off” heat detector in 2015. A.I.TAGS were finally ready to go to market!

“Scratch Off” lotto type tags like Stampe’s first product, Estrus Alert, now called Estrotect, kept the producer guessing, like rolling dice!

“Rub Off” technology helps the herdsman detect much more precisely that exact moment of true “Mounting Heat” activity.

Stampe labels A.I.TAGS a “Rub Off” because that is exactly what it is, it DOES NOT “Scratch Off” like Estrotect type products.

Stampe’s original “Scratch Off” tag had only a one-color change, that is the old way, those tags only show the herdsman that (something) has “Scratched” the top ink off.

But Stampe’s new A.I.TAGS product does a lot more! We have added a 2nd color change!

A.I.TAGS only show true mounting activity!  There are NO scratch marks as seen on Estrotect type “scratch off” tags that they identify as false readings.

Mounting activity using A.I.TAGS will show you a first color change to indicate that your animal has been mounted and then a 2nd color that indicates very aggressive mounting. When the tag shows “white” assume the animal is in heat and ready to be artificially inseminated.

The customer feedback, results and testimonial letters that Stampe is receiving from around the world from herdsman using the new “Rub Off” A.I.TAGS heat detection tags is nothing short of sensational. Herdsman from Ecuador were reporting using 3.4 semen straws per pregnancy are now using only 1.3 straws per pregnancy. Those are the kind of results you can hope to finally achieve using Stampe’s new A.I.TAGS heat detectors!

Look at the numbers, an average of over 110 days open to only 45 days open! Why would anyone continue to use the old “scratch off” tags?

A.I.TAGS is the producers GOLD STANDARD for managing their herds reproductive success!


David A. Stampe
CEO / Founder / Inventor
Discoveries 180, Inc