Read about what some of our many satisfied A.I.TAGS™ Customers have to say about their experiences with our industry leading bovine rub-off heat detection product.

  • “Congratulations on a great product. The AI tags really do work well and do not give false positives. Seeing an unmet need in the market and then fulfilling that need takes great insight and initiative.”

    Name Private Australia
  • I received a sheet at the WDE and would like to use them on all of my 1st lactation cows instead of tail chalking as I currently do for 2nd lactation and above animals.

    Chris Hendrickson Cambria, WI
  • We met your team at the WDE. We couldn't be happier with the A.I.TAGS effectiveness and ease of use on our farm.

    Ellen Langemeier Marion Texas
  • Given the rate of pregnancy obtained (80%) which was double timed AI experience (45%) I am quite enthused by the A I Tag as a useful aid to being able to utilize natural heats.     Most noticeable was that they do not come off the cow-- so you have to manually remove each one after you find it triggered.     There were some partially rubbed off, I realize now we did not keep track of that close enough to see if we got lower conception on those cows.

    Greg Palen Michigan Livestock
  • I've used these AI tags on the home farm and I'm delighted with the results. The ease of use is a major benefit and I would be happy to recommend them to both dairy and beef farmers

    Francis Cosgrave Veterninary Surgeon and Dairy Farmer - Ireland
  • We used your patches, and they are awesome!!! Those cows were wet hided when we put them on, and we didn't have any fall off early. If you don't have a dealer in this area, I would like to get set up as one if possible and start getting my AI customers switched over to your (A.I.TAGS) patches. Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product and let you know I was impressed with how well they worked!

    Tim Marshall Marshall Cattle Company
  • FairView Angus Ranch has used Standing Heat (A.I.TAGS) estrus detection patches for the last couple of years with great success.  We use around 1000 patches a year and have minimal if any loss, the patch adhesive is so sticky they can actually be difficult to get off the cow.  The patch rub off rate is a true reflection of how much the animal has been ridden. We feel we are catching more true heats, in turn getting more cattle bred.  We’ve tried other brands of heat detection patches, but once you use the Standing Heat (A.I.TAGS) system you won’t want to use anything else.

    Kenny Lee Manager - Fairview Angus Ranch
  • Your patches are the only brand on the market that work, and we have tried them all.  Send us another 400!  Tree limbs and all, your patches work really well on our cows in the pastures.

    Bryan Vay Rimrock Production, Inc.
  • Our operation has been utilizing Standing Heat patches (A.I.TAGS) for the last 4 years, both in the corral and on pasture. Using primarily a natural standing heat A.I. program, this patch has helped us achieve and maintain a very successful conception rate. I believe this product, combined with a sound breeding plan, will enhance an operation’s overall reproductive success. I also know the people behind the Standing Heat (A.I.TAGS) product line. They are constantly working at making this the best product available, for their customers. They understand the rancher - which also means their service is second to none! I look forward to continued business with Standing Heat and becoming a distributor of this great product.

    Mark Nold Nold Family Angus and Final Answer Consulting
  • The A.I.TAGS worked as advertised and beyond. I’m able to put them on our organic dairy cows at anytime without worry of the tag falling off or having to re-chalk. Extremely happy with this product.

    Andy Kiefer Menasha, Wisconsin
  • Stays on great, like the different color change to pinpoint timing of standing heat, a little hard to get off.

    Jeff Hammerand Epworth, Iowa
  • Seems to be a great New product a great tool for our cow reproduction program on our farm. Much easier to apply than the K=Mar brand we have used until now.

    Michael & Mary Giese Alma Center, Wisconsin
  • Worked Great, put my samples on a couple heifers, I haven’t seen heat, Saw the scratch off and I breed them.

    Ed O’Connor Belleville, Wisconsin
  • They work really well! We like how they stay on so well and not influenced by other factors (tree branches, scratchers etc.)

    Julie Wiechert Cedarburg, Wisconsin
  • I received a free sample of A.I.TAGS at the World Dairy Expo and I was very happy with the results.

    Jon Novak Highland Wisconsin
  • Very happy with the tags! Stick much better than others I’ve been using. Best part is there were no False Rub off’s.

    Trace Steere Nashua, Iowa
  • To Whom it may concern, By this letter, I BENITO MANUEL JARAMILLO, in my status of President of SELECTECUADOR OF CIA LTDA, WITH ID 1791711149001. I hereby certify that in my own dairy cow operation (AGROUMBRIA S.A.) I am using with great results the heat tags of A.I.TAGS, and with them we have obtained great results in heat detection. This I can inform with honesty and truth.

    Benito Manuel Jaramillo Moscoso Selectecuador of Cia LTDA
  • To whom it may concern, I, Fernando Serrano Varea, I hereby have to inform it that the product A.I.TAGS in Hacienda Churumbela my property, located in Machachi-Ecuador; obtaining good results in the Bovia reproduction. Given the good quality and excellent performance of the product, I recommend using A.I.TAGS for artificial insemination in cows.

    Fernando Varea S. Manager Ecuasemex
  • These patches are impressive. We often patch cattle at 18 days post breed to catch return heats. Patches on most cows that pass over are still firmly attached when we preg check at 50-plus days. Even 30 days later you still have to do some pulling to get them off.

    Tim Dolcini Canyon Gem Livestock