Where can I buy A.I.TAGS?

A.I.TAGS are available on Amazon and in many countries around the world. Contact us to find out where they can be purchased in your area.

Do A.I.TAGS work in cold weather regions/conditions?
YES. You must keep tags warm just prior to application. We recommend using a chest warmer found at hunting goods stores. One chest warmer placed inside the retail sleeve will keep tags at the optimum temperature for proper application.
Can I use A.I.TAGS during animal molting season?
YES. Always use a rubber brush and brush briskly to remove loose hair. Long hair will need to be trimmed shorter but do not trim too short or you will get into the natural oils on the animals hyde. We highly recommend using a tack cloth after brushing to remove any remaining dust, dirt or loose hair.
Will A.I.TAGS show false positives during fly season?
Be sure to avoid getting fly spray directly on tags. Fly spray will cause damage to the rub off surface.
Will A.I.TAGS fall off?
NO. If animal is properly cleaned and warmed prior to application A.I.TAGS will not fall off. As stated before, longer hair must be trimmed.
Where do I apply A.I.TAGS?
Half way between the hip bones and the tail head.
How do I clean the animal before applying A.I.TAGS?
Use a rubber brush to remove dust, dirt and loose hair. Use a tack cloth to wipe area clean prior to application.
Are A.I.TAGS available in other colors?
A.I.TAGS are available in four colors. Red, Fuchsia, Green & Yellow.
How do I use the other color tags with my herd?
Use 1st color for first service to detect heat, use 2nd color for next service to check for return heats, use 3rd color for synchronization, use 4th color for problematic cows for vet check.
How do I read the A.I.TAGS?
Refer to images found on the package. A.I.TAGS will show a two color change as the animal is being mounted.
What do you mean by “Rub-Off” Heat Detection?
Unlike “scratch off” tags. A true “Rub-Off” tag will not “scratch off”. The only true “Rub-Off” tag found anywhere in the world is A.I.TAGS. If you can “scratch off” the top surface of the tag you have with your thumb nail or a quarter, you do not have a “Rub-Off” tag.
How are these tags different from other “Scratch-Off” tags I’ve seen or used in the past?
Everything will leave marks on a “scratch off” tag. It is very hard to identify if they are showing mounting activity or if they are showing marks from a tree, brush, tail, head rubs etc… ONLY true mounting activity will “Rub-Off” the top surface of A.I.TAGS.
Do I use glue adhesives with A.I.TAGS?
NO. Simply peel and stick. No messy glue tubes! Be sure to follow warming and cleaning instructions above.
What type of brush and wipe should I use to clean the animal?
Always use a rubber brush as shown in the images and a tack cloth, both easily found online or in local stores.
Why is it important not to trim the animal hair too short during molting season before applying A.I.TAGS?
If hair is trimmed closely to hyde, lanlin will be present on the animal’s hyde. Adhesives will not adhere to lanolin.
How long does it take to apply A.I.TAGS per animal?
Cleaning and applying A.I.TAGS will take less than a minute if using a rubber brush and tack cloth.
How often do I apply tags?
Apply 1st detector just prior to oncoming heat cycle or when hormones are injection. Apply a 2nd detector after artificial insemination to detect for reheats.
What does the “Two Color Change” mean?
A.I.TAGS will have a first color change to show initial mounting activity. As animal is showing a more intense heat cycle she will be mounted more aggressively. After many mountings or extremely aggressive mountings, A.I.TAGS will begin to show a white color. As you learn to read the two color change, you will know exactly where your animals are in their heat cycle. Read it like an x-ray. A.I.TAGS show exactly what has been happening when you are not watching.
What does excessive white indicate on the tags?
A mostly white tag could be an indicator that you have missed the heat cycle. Or that you may need to service very soon. You will learn how to use the tags.
Can I see the markings from a distance?


Do you have a Smart Technology option for A.I.TAGS that will work with an optical scanner?
YES. Coming in 2018 you will not have to look any longer. Our cameras and SMT system will be automatic heat detection and automatic sorting. Finally! A.I.TAGS SMT will be the best heat detection system in the World!
Where is A.I.TAGS available globally?
A.I.TAGS are already found in many countries around the world and the list is growing daily!
We use rotary brushes on our farm, will they mark the tags?
Yes, rotary brushes will mark A.I.TAGS. Turn rotary brushes off during heat detection periods.