A.I.TAGS SMT  – the smart technology approach to Heat Detection

We put the TAG where it belongs

You already know A.I.TAGS is an excellent aid for dairy and beef producers in detecting cows in “Mounting-Heat”. Now A.I.TAGS is offering an enhanced electronic version called A.I.TAGS SMT with an embedded smart RFID chip to identify individual cows.

When used with a wireless scanner and Drafting Gate, this option allows the herdsman to keep track of their animal’s activity and receive email notifications to their computer, to their phone or directly to their AI Tech. No more guess work! Finally, affordable and electronic in the same sentence – Only from A.I.TAGS!

How does the A.I.TAGS SMT system work? 

A.  Apply the A.I.TAGS product on your cow or heifer.
B. When they show up in your AI station, it’s time.
It’s not just a tag.
It’s a SYSTEM!
It’s that easy!

Automatic Heat Detection from the home of A.I.TAGS!

Our Drafting Gate automatically sorts cows and heifers to be artificially inseminated or to go back to the yard.

A.I.TAGS SMT (smart) is the world’s only “Rub-Off” heat detection system and the only bovine heat detection tag to use RFID technology. Joining A.I.TAGS with RFID technology now fills the void between low cost heat detection and expensive electronic systems. Anyone that couldn’t afford high cost systems or just didn’t want to lay out the high price will be very excited to hear about A.I.TAGS SMT. Our system is also free from lightning strike damage!

A.I.TAGS SMT system only works with A.I.TAGS rub off tags!

What are the advantages? Lower labor costs, more pregnancies, more profit, more and BETTER SLEEP!


  • Auto cattle sorting
  • Auto heat detection
  • Auto messaging
  • Auto alarms and much more.

Now the producer can fine tune their heat detection with the touch of a dial, like adjusting a radio to a specific station. No longer will producers have to depend on individual opinions to determine if an animal is in heat because it’s done automatically and with consistency with each animal, every time!

Herdsman will also have the option of using a handheld portable scanner. With ease of use and a range of up to 15 feet, the herdsman will be able to easily identify, scan and auto report that animal as an animal in mounting heat from a horse or in a truck.

Our software scans A.I.TAGS throughout the day or when entering and exiting gates where the producer chooses. The producer presets the system to identify what percentage of A.I.TAGS is rubbed off, when the preset amount is identified a signal is sent alerting the producer that animal number 5567 is in heat. Once an animal is scanned and sent to the cloud, it will not read and send it again. Our system also sorts and separates animals in heat from animals not in heat, automatically.

How much will this cost? 

We saved the best part for last. Contact us at for additional information because we have some very good news for you. You will want to place your orders early to allow for scheduling!