Industry Leading Rub-Off Heat Detection


A.I.TAGS SMT – the smart technology approach to Heat Detection

The same great A.I.TAGS + RFID smart technology with automatic Drafting Gates for sorting cows and heifers.

A.I.TAGS Product Demonstration

Learn the difference between “Scratch-off” and “Rub-Off” heat detection. A.I.TAGS™ are the ONLY Rub-Off heat detectors on the market today. Watch this demo video to learn more about this innovative product!



Product Details

A.I.TAGS tags are an excellent aid for dairy and beef producers in detecting cows in “mounting-heat”. Apply the detectors to your cows prior to “coming into heat” when synchronizing estrus cycles or after breeding and embryo transplant to check for return heat.

Do Not Inseminate, Not in Heat

Inseminate in 12 Hours

Inseminate in (3 to 6) Hours

Inseminate Immediately

Insemination guides under the images above are a suggestion only. They are intended only as a guide on how to best use A.I.TAGS.

Featured Testimonial

  • “Congratulations on a great product. The AI tags really do work well and do not give false positives. Seeing an unmet need in the market and then fulfilling that need takes great insight and initiative.”

    Name Private Australia
  • I received a sheet at the WDE and would like to use them on all of my 1st lactation cows instead of tail chalking as I currently do for 2nd lactation and above animals.

    Chris Hendrickson Cambria, WI
  • We met your team at the WDE. We couldn't be happier with the A.I.TAGS effectiveness and ease of use on our farm.

    Ellen Langemeier Marion Texas

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